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I introduce you Giulia .. and…

Amuse Bouche
Mackerel Marinated With Citrus Fruits and Pan Brioche
“Senza” Spaghetti with Clams
Cod, Ventricina Foam, Buffalo cheese and Lettuce
White Chocolate, Strawberry and Meringue
Petit Four

€ 65,00

Wine Pairing

€ 30,00
“… by Pierluigi”

Surprise Tasting Menu by the Chef Pierluigi Gallo

€ 90,00

Wine Pairing

€ 45,00

* The Tasting Menu is for All the Dinners


Imperial Osetra Koroleva Caviar:
Vapor sandwich and Yogurt Mousse, Parsley Sponge and Mozzarella Cream.
Quail egg
10 gr. € 54,00 – – – 50 gr. € 210,00

First Course

Main Course