Gourmet restaurant in the center of Rome


Overlooking magnificent Via Giulia, Giulia Restaurant, gourmet landmark in the centre of Rome, welcomes you from late breakfast to evening, in a refined and original environment, featuring coloured armchairs and wooden furniture, vintage chandeliers and some industrial touches.

Located in an historic building and designed by Marcello Piacentini, the restaurant has a capacity of more or less 45 seats and expanding on 2 different floors all featuring different atmospheres, and a romantic terrace facing the Tevere and Ponte Sisto. The structure has furthermore three sumptuous rooms, including a quadruple suite and various terraces.

A truly unique place, where you will be able to relax, in an agglomeration of perfumes, tastes and tranquillity, completely inconsiderate of time, feeling at home when away from home.

Tied in with the restaurant’s atmosphere, the cuisine of our chef Pierluigi Gallo, is stratified and simple, always ensuring the enhancement of the true and Mediterranean flavours of the meticulously chosen products, with a traditional background, but revamped with the intelligent use of more modern technique.

Behind our picturesque wooden counter, which is extended from the main wing of the restaurant to the kitchen, our bar manager Gianluca Storchi, proposes a vast selection of masterfully mixed cocktails and refined spirits. Once again the selection of ingredients is based on excellent quality and you will be able to find whatever type of drink, from the classics to the more innovative, to accompany you throughout the aperitif, or during the evening, after dinner.

From a late breakfast to the afternoon, at your disposal will be a vast selection of teas and infusions, juices and smoothies, accompanied by our homemade patisserie, attentively directed by Chef Pierluigi Gallo.

Pierluigi Gallo


Our chef originating from Campania, firstly “adopted” by Abruzzo and later here in Rome, the Chef Pierluigi Gallo, boasts a vast curriculum, apprentice in the school Niko Romito Formazione, member of the brigade de cuisine of the Casadonna Reale di Castel di Sangro, of the restaurant All’Oro of Riccardo di Giacinto, and ultimately in Il Pagliaccio of Anthony Genovese.

From breakfast to dinner, through lunch and until the evening.

Giulia’s cuisine is dedicated to extracting true flavours, recognisable and Mediterranean, linked to its traditional background, but revamped by the aid of the intelligent and balanced use of modern technique. Every passage is articulated by preserving flavours, spotless and limpid, with a contemporary kick, ennobling the high-quality raw materials, which exalt the culture of the territory, always tied in with the traditions.